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Weather forecast using Sager algorithm

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The Sager Weathercaster predicts the weather quickly and accurately. It has been in use since 1942. Not a novelty, not a toy, this is a highly dependable, scientifically designed tool of inestimable value to travelers, farmers, hunters, sailors, yachtsmen, campers, fishermen, students-in fact, to everyone who needs or wants to know what the weather will be.

It allows you to make forecasts of weather, Temperature and wind instantly for a radius of about 30 miles of your immediate location, therefore fills a very urgent need.

The Sager Weathercaster is an instrument based on meteorological science. It is in fact a handy computer, using easily observed weather factors, programmed to yield concise forecasts based on five thousand variations of input data. It embodies the experience gained in more than thirty-five years of forecasting for private companies and for the United States Air Force. With the Sager Weathercaster and correct observations of a barometer as explained here, you can make precise and up-to-the-minute forecasts in rapidly changing conditions for your exact location. Highest accuracy is of course obtained by making forecasts at frequent intervals.

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