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What you can do

Samaritan's  Purse  has found a way to provide
safe drinking water for people who desperately
need it. For them, it's literally a matter of life and death.

It's simple, it's ecologically friendly, it doesn't
wear out, and above all IT WORKS!!

The Bad News

One billion people worldwide have
no access to safe water.
One child dies somewhere every
15 seconds from infected water.
The Good News

You can actually do something about it

Please find out more infornation at

Samaritan's Purse is helping to meet the enormous need for safe water through the Canadian Water Filter.

This water filtration unit is a proven, natural and costeffective method of providing a lifetime of drinkable
water to families in remote areas all over the developing world. Already in use in 24 countries,
your filter will help families, who otherwise would be affected by disease-ridden, polluted water for the rest of their lives.

Congratulations to Cheddleton Crusaders Youth group
for raising funds for a water filter, children raised the funds by doing a car wash
at St Andrew's Church, during their eco-day.

thank you for your support