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After reading some excellent articles on making you're own solar radiation shield
I decided to give it a go.
I brought 15 plant pot saucers. Choosing the right plastic is important.
Some manufacturers use a brittle plastic, when you try to cut into it It just cracks.
After selecting the best plant pot I cut off the edge with a pair of scissors,
This will stop the water congregating on the edge.
The next step was to find a way of cutting the centres out. I decided to use a.
Craft cutting compass it took a while, but it is well worth it.
The next stage was drilling three holes in each saucer to accommodate the threaded rods.
I made a template by cutting a round piece of card to the size of the saucer.
I decided where I needed the hole to be drilled and pierced the card with a pin.
I laid this on each saucer, using a felt tip pen to mark the spot to be drilled.
I cut some 10 mm in length tubing to use as spacers between each saucer.
On the fourth saucer I mounted a PC fan to give a constant airflow;
I will be running this off a 12 V transformer , as I am fortunate to have a power socket.
close by. My future project will be to make this powered by a solar panel.

Fig 4 PC fan
Mounted at the top.

Fig 5 Sensors mounting bracket
I cut out a mounting bracket for the sensor.
This is mounted in the centre hole this gives an evenly airflow from the fan.

Fig 6 Bug guard fitted.
DIY Solar Radiation  shield

fig 5
fig 6
fig 4
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fig 2
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